Monday, May 31, 2010

And That's That, For Now Anyway

Day: 50
Dates Remaining: 0

Wow. What an adventure. 50 days full of ups and downs. Full of laughs and tears. Full of excitement and exhaustion. But more than anything, full of dates. 50 Dates in 50 Days to be precise; not that I was counting. :)

And tonight, for the final date, I took Easy out on a date. As I mentioned before, he is going to write about this date and e-mail it to me tomorrow so I'll post it here then. I don't want to ruin it for him so I'm not going to spill any details right now.

But what I can say is that this has definitely been a life altering experience. I have met so many wonderful people and had some amazing experiences. So to my 50 dates, thank you for taking me to some great places and teaching me life lessons but also for putting yourselves out there, most of you knowing that you will be written about. That takes courage and for that, I am grateful.

To my readers, I am so happy that you have found this entertaining. Thank you for your ongoing feedback and support. Without you, this would not have been possible.

I feel like I'm writing this like something is ending. But really, this is only the beginning. The 50 days may be over, but the stories have only begun. I have so many lessons and experiences and other funny stories that I have not yet shared. So I plan to keep writing about my dating antics on here. But I am also going to put together the "not quite fit for the blog" feelings and stories from the past 50 days for my book, 50 Dates in 50 Days - Uncut.

And I keep getting asked, "Have you met The One?"

What is The One anyway? Does he really exist? Is there such a thing? Is he actually out there? Whatever The One is and whoever he is, I can't say that I have found him. I'm not sure what will unfold over the next little while but I will keep you in the loop about that as well. So even though my 50 Dates in 50 Days are over, the dating continues and so does the blogging. So stay tuned for the ongoing saga of life as a single woman in Calgary. Good night!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

'Twas The Night Before the Last Date...

...and all through my house,
Clothes are scattered everywhere,
Good thing there is no mouse.

The dishes are a mess,
I can't find my Visa Card,
Did you really ever think
That dating could be this hard?

Well maybe it's not hard,
That could be the wrong word,
But certainly very exciting,
And a little absurd.

But as crazy as it has been,
And yes, it has been wild,
This is one of the best things I've done,
Ever since I was a child.

Now hopefully you are laughing,
At my attempt to be poetic,
Because after 36km of mountain biking,
I'm certainly not very energetic.

So here we are:

Day: 49
Dates Remaining: 1

I can hardly believe it. First of all, it's hard to find words that rhyme. In fact, I might look into buying a rhyming dictionary. But until then, I'm going to stick to non-rhyming paragraphs and dates.

But, not too many more dates, at least not for the 50 Dates in 50 Days. That's right, tomorrow is the final date. The last one. The 50 of 50. Unreal.

The poll spoke and it looks like I'm going to be taking Easy on a date tomorrow. I'd love to tell you what I have planned but I'm going to leave the story telling of this date to Easy. I talked to him just now and he agreed to write the blog entry for tomorrow night. Apparently I'm even going to get a nick name!

But, onto the feelings. To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm feeling. I think it's a combination of confusion, happiness and satisfaction. I'm also feeling a bit lost, scared, proud, unsure and maybe a happy mess over all.

You see, I'd say that this is a huge accomplishment, wouldn't you? Not only did I go on a ton of dates, but there has also been an exceptional following for which I am extremely grateful. I have also met so many wonderful people that I would never have met had I not undertaken such a feat. Obviously, in so many ways, this has been life altering.

Am I happy it's over? Sad? Relieved? Again, I'm not sure. But what I can tell you is that I'm ecstatic that I did this and I have no regrets. Well, maybe I regret not being able to share more of the feelings and details of this experience with you but that is what is going to be in the book: 50 Dates in 50 Days - Uncut.

So now I'm off to bed,
Oh what a delight,
Happy dating to all,
And to all a good night.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Talk

Day: 48
Dates Remaining: 1

I met my date last night for drinks after work and we had a great time chatting. In fact, the conversation was absolutely non-stop so it would only be appropriate to call this date Talk. And did Talk ever like to talk. Good thing I enjoy talking as well or I may not have gotten a word in.

We talked about everything; goals, plans, Calgary, hobbies, passions, athletics, etc. The date actually went by so fast because we had a ton of stuff to talk about which was great. There is nothing worse than awkward silences and forced conversation, which definitely was not the case with Talk.

This is kind of ironic because we had so much to talk about last night but I don't have too much to talk about right here and now. I'm sure you don't want a replay of our chats so I'll just leave it at that. We had a nice time, we drank martinis and we talked.

But what I would like to talk about is the fact that it is the end of May and it's snowing. It's one in the afternoon and I still haven't gotten out of bed. It's actually quite fantastic and I think I needed this time to relax and stay warm but enough is enough. I'm going to get my lazy butt in gear and accomplish something today. I also have to digest the fact that there is only one date left.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it and how fast this experience has gone by. It's wild. Out of control really. I'm also working on some ideas for this final date that I'm planning for Monday. It's quite fun to be on the other side of things and planning an outing; I can't wait!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

He's a Pro Golfer in a Blue Plaid Shirt

Day: 46
Dates Remaining: 2

How would you feel if your Mom or Step Mom wrote to a dating blogger to send you on a date? Would you think it's funny? Would you be mad? Would you feel embarrassed and not want to go?

Well, if you haven't guessed, I received an e-mail a while back from my date's Step Mom saying that the two of us would be a good match. She wanted to see if I would go on a date with her Step Son. "Of course I will," I replied, as I thought this was the sweetest thing ever.

And I sure am glad that tonight's date also thought it was a fine idea since he picked me up and impressed me right away. You see, he didn't just wait in the car in the street the way most people do. Despite the fact that it was absolutely pouring rain, he stood outside and waited for me by the door. Good thing for heavy duty rain coats!

He then walked me to his car and opened the door to let me in before driving us to a Golf dome. This guy just has to be known as Pro Golfer because that's what he must have been in a previous life. He told me that he had only golfed once but that was hard to believe since he was a better golfer than all of the pro-looking people in that dome. My inability to even hit the ball really put me to shame. I'll definitely have to work on my swing!

It was obvious that Pro Golfer was a bit nervous at first since he asked non-stop questions and avoided any silences like the plague. But as we continued to chat over a putting contest, I could tell that Pro Golfer was getting more comfortable with me.

This good looking man decked out in a blue plaid shirt then took me to one of my favourite restaurants where, I kid you not, we ate enough food to feed four normal people. It was fabulous. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to move again and someone may need to rescue me with a crane but the fantastic meal was well worth this pain of being full.

The evening was extremely enjoyable. Pro Golfer taught me a thing or two about golf and life and I have to say it was rather cute when he told me about how his Step Mom helped him to iron his shirt before the date. It was also funny that he was up in arms before the date since he had spilled something on that shirt and had to sort out how to clean it. For whatever reason, I found this sweet. Maybe it was because he was so big and manly that it was hard to imagine him fussing around about a shirt before leaving the house. There is something exciting and romantic about a date scrambling to get ready, looking in the mirror and feeling nervous and excited about the outing.

This great evening leaves me here with only two dates left. I have been asked endlessly; “Are you sad or relieved that it’s over?” I have to say that it’s a mix of both of those emotions. I will expand more on these feelings later but in the meantime, don’t forget to post your vote for the final date coming up this Monday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mystery Continues

Day: 45
Dates Remaining: 3

I can't believe it; it's down to the final three dates. It's unreal how fast time flies!

Speaking of time flying, this evening flew by since Mystery (See "What a Mystery" post) took me on a little adventure for our second date.

He did not tell me too much about the plan except that I should wear comfortable pants and shoes. He also told me that he would have to pick me up as soon as possible because this was going to be a long date. But that was it, I didn't have any more details about where we were going or what we would be doing.

Nonetheless, we got into his truck this afternoon and began driving west. I had a sneaking suspicion that we were going to go out to the mountains to do some sort of hike but I had no idea exactly where we would end up.

As we drove past a few hiking spots, my curiosity was growing. Where was he taking me? We ended up at a nice area about two hours west of the city where I had been before but it was Mystery's first time doing this little hike.

We got out of the truck and Mystery pulled two backpacks out of the backseat. The contents of the bags, he said, were to remain a mystery. Of course!

I carried one and he took the other as we made out way up past two lovely waterfalls. We had a great time enjoying the views and the good company.

We then found a nice spot to stop where Mystery was ready to divulge the secret contents of the bags. It was a pleasure and a relief that he had brought a delicious picnic. You see, I was so hungry that if there had not been any food at this point, my ability to return to the truck would have been questionable!

Mystery proceeded to lay down a picnic blanket on which he scattered a collection of tasty sandwiches, salads and Mimosa's. It was a delicious meal complete with great conversation and the serene atmosphere of the Rocky Mountains.

We enjoyed our quick walk back to the truck and we made our way back towards the city but of course, not without stopping for dessert in Banff. What a treat! Overall, this was a great date. I have to say that the 50 Dates in 50 Days has really demonstrated guy's ability to put together an organized and romantic plan for a date. Ladies, don't give up hope!

Oh, and as I mentioned in the previous post, there is a vote for who I am going to take out on the final date on Monday. (See the right side of this page). That's right, I'm going to plan something and treat someone to a nice evening. Maybe they'll even write about the night and give me a nickname? Wouldn't that be fun!

A Poll for the Final Date

I have been asked endlessly; "So when is the last date and what are you going to do?" I racked my brain to come up with some kind of answer to that question. I thought long and hard and also asked for input from a pile of friends. Nothing concrete was coming to fruition so I decided to leave that up to you, the readers.

You see, there was a vote for the favourite date so far but now it's even better. It's a vote for who you would like to see me take on a date for the final date of 50 Dates in 50 Days. Based on the results this week end, I will ask the winner on a date that I will plan. I will organize it, pay for it and it will be a little dose of turning tables. So be sure to tick the side bar for who you'd like me to invite out for Monday's date!


Day: 44
Dates Remaining: 4

I had to be Human GPS again today. It was hilarious, my lunch date could not figure out how to get to my place to pick me up even though he had it programmed into his GPS. You have already heard about Directionally Challenged so we’ll call this one Married. This is not only because he is married to his GPS but also because he is married. Yes, he has a wife.

We can thank the folks at my favourite radio station for sending me this lovely married man. Together we had a nice time at lunch. Of course, this was after discovering that the place he had chosen was closed. And this was also after I had to direct us to the closed establishment in the first place. I wasn’t kidding when I called myself a Human GPS.

So, once we were finally settled in for lunch, we had a nice time. We had good conversation and he demonstrated that chivalry is not dead by opening doors and treating me to the meal. He made a point of this which was sweet, but again, he is married.

Would I ever date a married man? Absolutely not! This particular individual was sent to me and you can hear all about the date tomorrow on 96.9 Jack FM. It was a hoot and it was great to spend some time chatting with him about the trials and tribulations of dating.

What is also interesting is that there are a lot of people who will date someone who is married. In fact, this is so popular that there is even a website dedicated to matching married people up with others who are okay with such scandalous behaviour.

A few months ago, one of my friends told me about this website. In fact, he found out about it because once of his friends had suspected that her husband was cheating on her. She signed onto this website and there it was, a profile made by her loving husband of many years, in the “attached men seeking unattached women” section. Crushing.

To each their own but like I said to Married today, if I am going to date someone, they have to be completely unattached. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. There aren’t many black and white matters in life but this is definitely one of them that I firmly stand by. It’s just that simple.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Text Loves to Text Message

Day: 43
Dates Remaining: 5

Okay, so everyone has varying opinions regarding meeting people at the bar but overall, it seems that most of us are sick of it. I have heard people say time and time again that they have only met losers at the bar. I can't say that it's my favourite avenue since a loud, dark space filled with too much booze doesn't really scream quality. However, my friends and I go to the bar and I like to think that we are a lovely bunch so there must be other lovely people at the bar too. It's just tough to fish through everyone there and find them!

Either way, I met someone a few weeks ago at the bar. I can't say that it was love at first sight or even anything remotely close to that but we had a good chat and he asked me for my number. Really, it was the usual protocol for meeting someone at the bar.

He text messaged me the day after we met and that began what I refer to as a text message relationship. I will never understand it, but it's important that I write about it as it seems to be quite a phenomenon.

Text messaging can be quite practical when used properly but to have conversations every day or even multiple times a day about how the day is going and what one another is doing seems like a waste of energy especially when you don't even know the person. I say that this is a phenomenon because it has happened to me on numerous occasions and I know that my friends have experienced it as well.

Anyhow, this man, who we must call Text, wrote me text messages every day for quite some time before finally suggesting dinner. I limited my responses and I think he finally got the picture that I was not interested in an extended text message relationship.

In fact, I once had this happen with another guy in the past which is how I learned my lesson. This was about a year ago when after a week of exchanging a stupid amount of text messages, I finally picked up the phone and called him and left a voice mail. The following day he text messaged me: "Hey, did you call yesterday?" That was when I knew that these text people were another breed. Of course, if he saw my missed call and got my voice email, then DUH, I called. Instead of calling me back, he thought he would text? I didn't get it and needless to say, that was the end of that.

So when Text was starting to follow the same pattern, I had no desire to write him back. I was far more interested in meeting him for dinner to see what he was all about in person and that was what we did tonight.

We had some delicious sushi but sadly, the conversation was not even close to being on par with the tasty food. This man seemed to think that interesting topics to chat about on a first date consist of his boring job, his Dad's bad driving, his sister's flatulence problems and his dog. (I love dogs but can we agree that there is somewhere to draw the line? I really don't need to hear about the shape and smell of my date's dog poop).

Then, the stupid bill came. By now, you know that I can't stand this moment. In fact, I hate it and yes, hate is a powerful word.

The bill sat there and sat there and sat there. We continued pretty ordinary conversation while it sat there. I just don't understand the point of leaving it to sit there endlessly. It's uncomfortable. I didn't know what he wanted to do about the situation but it didn't seem like my place to sort it out especially since he had planned the date.

So I went to the bathroom. Yes, I pulled the infamous bathroom move. I never thought I would resort to this and sink to this level but it was just a little social experiment for you. I returned to the table after an extended bathroom break to find him sitting there chewing his nails. I sat down and he immediately jumped out of his chair to go to the bathroom, leaving me with the unpaid bill. Of course, the server came by to see how we wanted to pay. No no no, I was not being sucked into this. I told her that I had no idea what the plan for the bill was.

Text returned and I suggested that we get going. I made no move to deal with the bill so he finally picked it up and went to pay it at the till at the front. Did he want to treat me? Maybe. Did he have a good time? Perhaps. Was he resentful that I didn't do the wallet reach? I don't know. But I don't think I will ever know because I did not get the vibe that we would ever see each other again.

So here I am with five dates left. How will they unfold? I have no idea! But it is looking to be an exciting week that is starting tomorrow with my date that has been set up by Jack FM!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Easy to Spend Time with Easy


Day: 43
Dates Remaining: 6

Wow, I don't know what to say. Yesterday's date managed to combine all of my favourite things in life into one date; brunch, mountain biking, a visit to the coffee shop, steak, a dinner party, good music, wine, and of course, copious amounts of chocolate.

You must be thinking, jeez, how long was this date? Well, it would be a lie if I said anything but fourteen hours. It's official, this was the longest second date of my life and it was completely unplanned and fun.

Easy (Read "It's Just That Easy") and I had talked about mountain biking but there were no concrete plans. Everything was up in the air including the weather. So when we woke up to a cold, cloudy day we decided that food was in order and a fantastic brunch did just the trick.

I could easily have sat around and drank coffee all day but we managed to get the show on the road and hit up some stellar mountain bike trails. There was something oddly romantic about getting muddy while flying around the bush on two wheels with a date. Definitely not your typical second date but fantastic nonetheless.

The trouble with loving fast moving bikes is that you also develop a passion for fast moving vehicles. In Easy's case, this was a slight detriment yesterday as it resulted in being pulled over and receiving a speeding ticket. Oops!

But obviously someone as easy-going as Easy did not let that get him down and we made our way back to the city. It turned out that Easy had a dinner party to attend last night and he asked me if I’d join him. Who could turn down delicious home-made food and good company? Certainly not me, so off we went to enjoy the evening.

Following the dinner full of good food and interesting conversations, Easy drove me home, putting an end to this extended and spur-of-the-moment second date marathon. It was a great day and being a fan of spontaneity, I had a blast. Our rip around on the bikes prompted me to make some plans to bike again today so I’m off with my friends to hit up the mountains!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Early Onset of Withdrawal

Day: 42
Dates Remaining: 7

I got such a nice e-mail yesterday from one of my blog followers that said that he was feeling the first signs of withdrawal setting in. No, not alcohol or drug withdrawal but withdrawal from the daily write-ups about the dating adventures of 50 Dates in 50 Days. I was flattered by the compliment but then that got me thinking.

Am I going to suffer from dating withdrawal? Will I get the shakes when no one wants to take me out on dates anymore? Will my phone just shut off because it may stop receiving a million text messages and phone calls every day? Will I get the sweats, cry for hours and curl up into a ball in the corner when this is all over?

Maybe I am being a little bit dramatic.

However, I do think that there will be a period of adjustment. I have changed my life around for this time period and though it was shocking at first, I am now used to regular outings and complete chaos.

I have not eaten a meal that I have cooked in 40 days. I eat dessert everyday. I meet new people all the time. I deal with a million emotions on a daily basis. What will happen when I have to buy groceries again? Or when I can't get my hands on tasty chocolate cake all the time? Can there be such a thing as dating withdrawal? I'm not too sure so I guess I'll have to wait 9 days to find out.

Another question that goes along with this is, what happens next? Well folks, I have no idea. If I was a psychic I'd have billions of dollars and a villa on the beach. But, that is obviously not the case.

I plan to keep writing about dating stories on here so don't worry, withdrawal symptoms may occur but the blog will not die. I guess it's everyone's dream to find a match and go on more than two dates with that person, so maybe that will happen to me? I guess I'll just have to see. Until then, the dating adventures will continue but I will not have a new date everyday or two in a day such as yesterday where I met Country Boy for lunch and then Coincidence for dessert in the evening.

Country Boy is sweet; he has a good heart, he's cute, he's attentive and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. We had a great lunch, a nice chat and it was good to see him again.

I had parked at his house so we returned there and I went inside to use the bathroom. Can you dock points for the utter chaos and filth in someone's house? Is it fair to say that it's a huge turn off? Fair or unfair, it nearly drove me away yesterday. There is no need to get into details, but I have to say that I'd rather pee in the bush than ever use that bathroom again. Think outhouse, then worse. I'll leave it at that.

Thinking about the bathroom is making my stomach turn so let's switch gears to the sweet dessert I had with Coincidence. It was nice to see him again and joke about the irony in the fact that we had a date nearly two years ago and there we were on a second date in a week during 50 in 50. It's funny how people can re-connect.

I had a nice time with Coincidence but it was tough. He didn't seem to want to be there. His mind was elsewhere and he was kind of grouchy. I think men get PMS as well and I never know how to deal with it. That must be how guys feel about women?

Either way, we went back to his place to relax and watch a movie since the thought of going out or doing anything else was making Coincidence grouchy. Good thing his bathroom did not resemble a pig pen and I was able to enjoy a good romantic comedy with my date. In fact, this is the first movie that I have watched in the past 40 days. It was nice to relax and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't fall asleep on the couch. Classy, eh? (can you blame a girl who's had no sleep in 40 days)?

Well, sleep deprived or not, I'm heading out to meet Easy for brunch and then hit some mountain bike trails. Enjoy the long week end!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where Are We?

Day: 40
Dates Remaining: 9

I have 12 beautiful, colourful roses on my kitchen table, (and yes, as you can see, there is also a soccer ball on the table. Sorry Mom, I haven't had time to clean). My tummy is bursting at the seams due to chocolate milkshakes. My date lost $200. And, not only did he lose all that money but he is also totally lost. It's official, he's Directionally Challenged.

Directionally Challenged is a born and raised Calgarian who has no idea where anything in this city is. It's absolutely hilarious. I got a text this evening where he told me that he was sitting in a parking lot about ten blocks from my house. I could not figure out what had prompted him to park all the way over there after I had told him where to pick me up.

So, I gave him the directions again and he did manage to make it. Impressive, I know. Perhaps it's even a miracle since he then seemed to think we needed to take a highway at the edge of the city to go from one end of the city center to the other end of the city center. Clearly, this made no sense at all and if I had to adopt a nickname for myself for this evening, it would have to be Human GPS.

Over the course of the evening, we went for the best milkshakes, picked out some fancy flowers and then hit up the casino all during which I was actually the Human GPS and I had to direct him to where we were going. That's it, I discovered my new career path. According to Directionally Challenged, I'm much nicer than the pre-recorded GPS lady. I guess I don't shout, Turn right! Turn left! The only drawback is that I don't have the power to change my accent the way she apparently does. I'll have to work on that one.

Unfortunately, our luck at the casino wasn't much better than Directionally Challenged's navigating luck and we lost $200 at Black Jack. What a rush though. We had said that if we won $5,000 (which he has apparently done a few times before), we would get on the next plane to Vegas. Imagine that, I could have been writing this post from a hotel overlooking the strip. Ah, if only.

Directionally Challenged may be lost on the streets but he knows how to find a good time and give a girl a craving for Vegas. Maybe next time we'll win big and hop on the next plane out of here. Until then, I'll keep dreaming!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trouble Strikes Again

Day: 39
Dates Remaining: 10

You may remember a past post about a man I called Trouble. He adopted this name for a good reason since our first date consisted of him almost missing dinner and then calling me by his ex's name. But since then, I have heard so much about the importance of forgiveness and second chances that Trouble convinced me he deserved one.

Since Trouble and I travel to the same place for work, we arranged to go out of town this week and have a dinner out here. Trouble insisted that since it was my Birthday yesterday, he wanted to make this evening extra special.

I have to say, there is something dreary about heading out of town on a work mission. I'm not sure if it's the six hour round trip drive, the desolate highway, the lonely hotel room, the lack of good food or just the repetitive nature of the trip but whatever it is I do not look forward to my out of town runs. However, that is all different when a special dinner is planned.

Nonetheless, I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a freight train and then run over my a bulldozer. I wish I could say that it was simply a birthday hangover but it was more than that. I felt totally drained and uncontrollably emotional. There is a bit of stress and pressure of the 50 Dates that seems to be taking its toll.

Feeling lousy, the last thing I wanted to do was haul ass on the highway to get here and spend the rest of the day on a wild chase, getting things done as quickly as possible. But knowing that I had a dinner to go to made the whole day that much easier and gave me something to look forward to.

I talked to Trouble this morning and we agreed that he'd call me once he made it to town and we'd pick a time and place to meet for dinner. I couldn't have been happier when he called at the end of the day but unfortunately, I was quickly reminded why I gave him the name Trouble.

He was calling to let me know that his company credit card had somehow been maxed out and he had to go back to Calgary because he had no way to expense his hotel, food and other such necessities. Apparently, he had also left his house without another credit card or form of payment. Should I call bullshit? Or can a supposedly professional man be this disorganized? I didn't know what to make of it so I quickly got off the phone after communicating my disappointment.

So, off to Starbucks I went to nurse another evening of being stood up. You know what's even more annoying than the simple disappointment of being stood up? It's the fact that I planned my entire week around coming out here. I could have done this trip some other time. I could have come out here last week. I could have stayed in town for a friend's dinner party. I could have brought my bike and gone for a ride. I could have made plans with another friend who lives here.

Canceling plans two minutes before they are supposed to happen is by far one of the most annoying habits that far too many people seem to have. You see, if there was some genuine reason that someone has to cancel, that's one thing. But forgetting to file expenses is a pretty lame reason to have to leave someone hung to dry 350km away from home.

But do I still believe in second chances? Of course. Is forgiveness still important? Without a doubt. Will I see Trouble again? I don't think so. Did I drown my disappointment in a massive chocolate milkshake? Absolutely!

Another Year Older and Hopefully Wiser

Day: 38
Dates Remaining: 11

Oh Birthdays, they are always such a hoot, and I have to say that I had one of the best ones yet yesterday. I packed in as much into one day as humanly possible; swimming, biking, Starbucks (twice), a great dinner with friends and of course, a date.

This particular date was a second date with someone I referred to as Gmail. He adopted this name since he is always on Gmail chat and we have developed a fantastic Gmail chat relationship. Our regular conversations always keep me entertained while I'm reading e-mails or updating the blog. In fact, it's almost funny when we get together in person because we have chatted way more behind computer screens than we have face to face.

This brings up an interesting point about modern technology. Does it enable people to be different than who they really are when they are hiding behind a screen? Does typing on a keyboard instead of using verbal communication allow people to say things that they normally wouldn't say to someone's face? I certainly think so.

Luckily, for Gmail, this is not the case. He took me out for an absolutely delicious Birthday brunch where I felt the necessity to devour the largest piece of chocolate cake available in Calgary. Though this left me feeling like a pregnant hippo, we continued our good conversation over a walk by the river. It was an epic, sunny afternoon and my Birthday date could not have gone better.

Then, last night, someone pointed out that I have entered my late 20' that really true if you are only 26? I'd say that's still mid twenties, not that age matters that much to me anyway. It's mainly that I feel like it was just yesterday that I was turning 16! I guess time flies when you're having a blast!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a Small City After All

Day: 36
Dates Remaining: 12

Have you ever run into someone you know on the sidewalk? How about at the gym? Perhaps at the bar? Maybe even at a restaurant? Or, even all of the above?

I met a guy nearly two years ago for one date and since then, we have been running into each other everywhere on a shockingly regular basis. Though our date did not go that well, we have seen each other so many times since then that we can now laugh about the mild dating disaster. You may say that running into someone this much is quite the coincidence so we will call this man Coincidence.

So it was no surprise when I ran into him just this past Friday night. We caught up on the happenings of each other’s lives and began chatting about 50 Dates in 50 Days and decided that we should go on a date.

Do people change? Not really. But there was something different about Coincidence since our date two years ago. He seemed more mature, confident and happy with himself as we chatted today about dating, life paths and other such topics of conversation.

And, I always thought Coincidence was cute, but today there was something about him. Perhaps it was how he looked me in the eye, or maybe it was his charming smile; either way, he charmed me far more than on our first date way back when.

So you could say that it was a coincidence that we ran into each other all of those times, but I’d now call it a series of lucky occurrences. Even if he does not want to entertain another date (which I hope he does!), it was great to see him again and re-connect.

Now speaking of coincidences, I left Coincidence and then happened to be cruising by Bronc Rider so we had a couple of drinks. Then, Laser Beam saw us and stopped on the patio to chat. To be honest, this was slightly awkward. Just imagine two of your dates at the same table chatting with one another!

Nonetheless, I continued on my journey to get David Gray (fantastic musician) tickets. I was about to pay for a ticket when a lady just handed me an extra one that she had. I kid you not I had the Visa card in hand just about to give it to the clerk. Then, Bam! Just like that, I have a free ticket! Coincidence? Maybe. I then saw Easy and Butterflies at the show. Coincidence? Perhaps. Fate? Maybe. Birthday luck? I’d say so!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't OverBoil

Day: 34
Dates Remaining: 13

Hey Calgarians, check the Herald tomorrow (Monday, May 17) as 50 Dates in 50 Days should be featured in the Life section!

Now how is it possible that I can ride my bicycle hundreds of kilometres but can't get my stinking bike out of a truck and into the garage without wiping out? AH! Well, if you haven't guessed, I just took an epic spill in the driveway resulting in a painful knee injury on my already horribly painful knee. I'm now lying on the couch with my leg propped up hoping that this agony will soon subside. And of course, I scraped my knee right across my already hideous scar from last year's knee surgery. What a klutz, eh?

And what might be just as painful as this poor little knee was my date yesterday. I'm not saying that the person was terrible, but the chemistry just wasn't there for me which made it hard for me to spend an hour over brunch listening to him talk.

In fact, before I get into details as to why I wanted to dive under the breakfast table and hide, I want to clarify that by no means am I saying something terrible about this man but just about the experience.

This may sound naive, but I believe that almost everyone has a good heart and good intentions; it's just that we aren't all on the same wavelength. And this is a good thing because if everyone was the same, the world would be a boring place.

Anyway, I met this man, who I will call Boil, because talking to him was as uneventful as watching a pot of water, waiting for it to boil. In fact, he must have caught me glimpsing away as I constantly got distracted by other people at the cafe who were grabbing my attention more than he was.

The interesting part of this date was that before we met, Boil wrote fantastic, witty e-mails that led me to believe he'd be sweet and comical. But it was quite the opposite as we didn't talk about too much and it took him until the date was half over to ask me a question about myself. Since my experience dating Poison (see Poison entry), I always notice right away when someone just goes on about themselves and their job, their activities or whatever else.

And when he started talking about his two teenage kids, I almost fell off my chair. By no means do I have anything against people with kids, but I just don't think I'd be very helpful with two teenagers. At times, it's hard to simply take care of myself.

Before Boil and I decided to meet for brunch, he had made numerous other suggestions that were unique but also very time consuming. I did not have a whole day free yesterday so that's how we decided on the shorter date. I'm glad we did because I was also turned off when he said, "I want to take you on a more exciting date so I can out-do the others on the blog."

Well, for the record, this is not a competition to out-do one another. You know, someone could come up with the most unique, earth shattering adventure but if there is no chemistry, then there is no chemistry. I love Starbucks and if I get along with someone over some hot java, that's better than spending hours on end with a dud, don't you think? It's quality, not quantity that matters.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Just That Easy

Day: 33
Dates Remaining: 13

I rode my bike to Canmore today and couldn't be happier except for the fact that the hot sun prompted me to take off my long sleeved jersey and now I'm a scorched lobster. It's terrible! Aside from that, however, the week end got off to a fantastic start with some slack lining.

Have you ever heard of this? Well, if you are like me, then you probably haven't because before last night's date I certainly had no idea what it was. So, I attached a photo above as a visual aid. Essentially, you tie a rope between two trees and try to walk across it. Kind of like tight rope walking!

Now, I obviously did not set this up; it was my date, Easy, who took care of that production. I have to clarify that this charming man is not known as Easy because he is easy in any negative way. In fact, it's quite the opposite; he is easy to talk to, easy to get along with, easy to laugh with and overall, one of the most easy-going people I have met. To top it off, last night was easily one of the best dates yet.

Though we slack-lined for a bit, it was nearly impossible to take more than a couple of steps on the rope before falling into the grass. Apparently, I have absolutely no balance and I must have resembled a three-legged elephant trying to walk across that rope.

However, the highlight of the night was the picnic that Easy made. He is a fantastic chef and concocted a brilliant homemade meal which has become a foreign concept to me these days. It was so nice to chill out on the picnic blanket and talk for hours.

The only strange but comical part of the evening was when Easy received a text message from a friend who happens to know one of my previous dates. According to Easy, his friend said that she was spying on us with this previous date, who will remain unnamed here. I thought this was a little off but rather entertaining as well. We didn't see them roaming around with binoculars so who knows where they were watching us from or if they were even there. I'm not sure what to make of this?

Nonetheless, we ended the evening with a nice walk before going to meet some friends of mine at a bar. Easy went home and I had a great time catching up with my friends and throwing down some moves on the dance floor.

I had a brunch date today before heading to Canmore but I will be writing about that experience tomorrow!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank God I Met a Country Boy

Day: 32
Dates Remaining: 15


Oh, is he ever a Country Boy. If you watched the above video, you would have seen that not only does he have some pretty stellar Country Boy attire, but he can sing too. At least, I think that he can!

Country Boy picked me up last night on his motorcycle which I absolutely loved. It was fantastic. There is something magical and liberating about cruising around the city streets on a warm night, enjoying the fresh air and good views from the back of a bike.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat before riding around and then getting ready for his Birthday party. You see, some of Country Boy's friends had encouraged him to write me and we quickly realized that we almost have the same Birthday. As a result, he decided that it was necessary that I join him for his celebration.

Now, this wasn't just any party but a tour of the city in a limo that included stops around the city. The first stop was at his Dad's house where Country Boy had put together a wild concoction of a drink that for some, had the potential to be quite lethal. He had also made Jell-O shooters (little shots of Jell-O with booze in them) which brought back memories of my earlier years of university.

We had a couple of drinks before his Dad joined us in the limo where our next stops included some of the best city views. We then hit up a karaoke bar. Given Country Boy's aspirations to be a country singer, he sang us a little Tim McGraw before we hopped back into the limo.

It was getting late and I had to work today so got dropped off in order to give Country Boy some time with the boys who were keen to hit the town. I'm sure they had a fabulous time and I definitely enjoyed my limo cruising experience. Country Boy also enjoyed his time since I just received a text message from him saying, "I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since I walked you to your door last night." Oh it's true, boys can be sweet.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mini-Golfing Gone Wild

Day: 30
Dates Remaining: 16

What is the most out there thing you have ever done on a first date? Perhaps you went to laser tag? Maybe you went bobsledding? Or sky diving even? According to the above picture, golf is perfect for a date but can you say that you have ever had a first date take you to the strippers? Until tonight, I can't honestly say that that has ever happened to me. But, as we all know, there is a first for everything.

The evening started out nicely as my date picked me up and took me mini-golfing. I was stoked for a little putting around and getting to know my date. I had a fabulous time with this unique and attractive man with whom the non-stop conversation was never boring. We flirted, joked around and teased each other over the course of 18 holes of mini-golf.

Towards the end of the game, my date then pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket on which he had printed a bunch of first date suggestions that he had received from his friends. Among other things, the list included bobsledding, bungee jumping, the Zoo, laser tag and of course, the strippers. When he mentioned that, I was shocked. What a wild suggestion!

My startled and excited reaction was evident and my date, who will now be known as Wild, asked me if I had ever been to the strippers on a date. I told him that not only had I never been to the strippers on a date but I had never even been at all. Wild was then in a state of total disbelief; he couldn't comprehend how one could never have been to the strippers.

I told him that I wasn't at all opposed to it and that in fact, I would be curious to go. He said that it is fun and then asked me if I would consider going on a first date. I thought about it for a split second and said, "Yes, I would definitely go, let's do it." I don't know if he was actually suggesting that we do this tonight because he exclaimed: "Are you SERIOUS?"

"Of course," I responded as I laughed and finished up the golf game so we could get to a more exciting venue. Wild was floored and excited that I was up for this and he told me that he was certain that no one would want to do that on a first date.

There is so much I could say about the strip club, but I also feel that that is pretty self explanatory. However, what I can say is that it was a ton of fun to do something different. I was even more stoked to be spending time with someone as spontaneous and easy-going as Wild. We had great chemistry and it was exciting that we were both eager to do try something new.

Dinner was great and the entertainment was, well, top notch. This was definitely up there in the random and unique departments. Wild was also top notch as he told great stories but also asked me good questions about myself.

So, you must be thinking, "Wow, so far this sounds funny and great." Well, you are right, so far it does. And had Wild just driven me home and continued the good conversation, there would have been nothing horrible about this date. In fact, it would have gone down as one of the best ones yet. However, he finally thought it would be the perfect time to say, "Oh, and by the way, I have a girlfriend."

Zing! Just Wild. Who takes someone on a date if they have a girlfriend? What planet do these people come from? Do you have any idea? If so, please advise!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Check Out This Funny Video!

Day: 29
Dates Remaining: 17

5 Seconds returned last night for a brilliant date. Not only can this young man take photos but he can also cook. I’m telling you, this meal complete with a loaded salad, exquisite salmon, tasty rice and stuffed mushrooms was far from ordinary. We had a great time chatting and eating and then topped the night off with a game of cribbage. Yes, we are both card game dorks. And yes, I won.

Now, as I mentioned last week, I had a date who made a video of our short evening together. So, here you have it, our 50 minutes together that included some Rock Band, self defense lessons and McDonalds drive thru. I thought I had outgrown the drive thru date when I was fifteen, but this creative guy brought it back in style. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do You Know What a Prairie Oyster Is?

Day: 28
Dates Remaining: 17

Hover a little. Wait for the right moment. Choose your target wisely. Don't go in too soon but don't wait too long. Then go for it. Grab one and tackle it down so you can give it what it needs.

No, I'm not talking about dating here; this is far wilder and possibly more out of control. You see, out on a ranch, this is referred to as cow branding. Until recently, I had no idea what this was and what it entailed. I knew that it was something ranchers did to mark their cows but I didn't realize that it was a full on production requiring many people, lots of beer and some tough skin.

I'm still not sure that I totally understand why some calves went through some sort of chute while the others were tackled in the field but what I do know is that my second date with Bronc Rider on his ranch was far from ordinary. In fact, it was a fantastic Saturday afternoon where I was able to fully experience what it's like to tackle a baby bull.

The tackling part required at least two people; one to grab the front leg and the other to grab the back leg. The calf would then fall down on its side and the tacklers would ensure that the animal remained still while it received a tag in its ear, two shots to the neck and finally, Bronc Rider's duty of castration.

Once all of that was complete, one tackler would grab the calf by its ears while the other would lead it by the back leg or tail out of the gated area. And then, it was onto the next calf. By the end of the afternoon, over a hundred calves had been tackled, given shots, ear tagged and castrated.

However, when I arrived to the farm earlier in the afternoon, a different batch of cows was being herded through a chute where they were having the ranch brand burned onto them while receiving shots and whatever else. I take it that one batch of calves was female and the other was male. You see, I got a bit confused because there was so much to learn!

Nonetheless, it was a very unique experience. It was especially different that, on my second date with Bronc Rider, I was privileged to watch him remove each calf's testicles and carry them over to the testicle bucket. Now, you may think that these parts just get disposed of, but that is definitely not the case. Instead, they are kept safe in order to make prairie oysters. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we did not get to experience this delicacy yesterday which is where the testicles are shucked and somehow cooked up for eating. Yes, this is a true fact. Maybe next time, if I'm lucky, I'll get a taste since they are apparently delicious.

Following the afternoon of branding, we had a fantastic dinner with Bronc Rider's friends and family. I couldn't think of anything more enjoyable than good food and great wine after a day with the cows. Even better was when a few of my close friends showed up to join myself, Bronc Rider and his friends for a hot tub and a bonfire. I couldn't have asked for a more exciting, educational and enjoyable second date.

This lovely Saturday night was followed by a relaxing Sunday morning where I was finally able sleep in and pick up a book again. But, that was short lived since I had a million errands to run and then a date with 5 Seconds tonight. And in the interest of keeping this post short and sweet, I'm going to write about my date with 5 Seconds tomorrow night since I will be out of town and dateless on a work conference. Good night!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a Mystery

Day: 26
Dates Remaining: 19

Have you ever had a plan with someone but had no idea exactly what was going to happen? For example, you know you are supposed to see them on a certain night but you don't know where, what time or what's happening. This seems to be the story of modern-day plan making thanks to the likes of cell phones, text messaging and Facebook. But I have to say, it drives me nuts.

So when I had a date planned for last night but hadn't heard from this mysterious character in a while, I began to doubt that we were actually going to go out especially since I have been stood up a few times in the past month.

I decided to write him an e-mail to confirm our plan and when I still didn't hear from him the day before our date, I figured that he had for sure pulled the plug. In fact, I didn't hear from him until the morning of our date to find out what time I had to be ready.

Given this last minute arrangement, I was unsure about the situation. However, I was stoked on the element of surprise that Mystery had created and his date outing definitely made up for my initial skepticism.

Mystery arrived to pick me up and was the first guy of 50 Dates in 50 Days to show up with a flower. In fact, it has been years since someone has given me flowers of any sort on a date. To top it off, this wasn't just any flower, but a brilliant stuffed toy flower. This way, he said, it will never die. How corny but sweet! He won some huge points before we even got into the car.

He emphasized the fact that we were in a hurry but I had no idea why because I did not know where we were going. We had a quick tasty dinner before heading out to the main event of the night. The only clues I had regarding this outing were, "You will have to be professional and there is no healthy food."

Can you guess? Probably not. Well, we went to the hockey game!

Now, you are likely wondering why we had to be professional. This was because Mystery pulled some strings with some of his connections and got us VIP status. It was brilliant.

With this special privilege, we were able to cruise around the back hallways of the arena where we saw the players walk off the ice and into their change room right in front of us. If I had reached my arm out, I could have touched them. But I held back; I was on a date after all! We enjoyed the final game of the series where our team pulled of a fantastic win.

The traffic jam leaving the arena can be a hassle but we ended up enjoying being stuck in the bumper to bumper crawl as we joked around and got to know one another. During this time, Mystery admitted that he did almost pull the plug on the date because he doubted that it could really be an authentic date. However, in the end he said that he was glad that we went out and I'm also happy that we both had a good time.

I'm even happier that it's finally sunny today and I'm going to head out on my bike and pedal the 80km to my second date with Bronc Rider out at the ranch!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Wild Goose Hunt

Day: 25
Dates Remaining: 20

I just ate a maniac amount of ice cream and I may very well keel over anytime. Do you ever get so hungry that eating fantastic, delicious sweets seems like the most logical solution? What a weakness this sweet tooth of mine is. The ice cream was the last part of tonight's date that led me all over the city on a wild Goose Hunt.

The evening began when Goose Hunt picked me up and took me to a Martial Arts self defense class. Here, for the first time, I was given the opportunity to punch, kick and knee my date in the crotch. I have to say that I would have loved to have had the chance to do that to other dates in the past, but not really to this one. Nonetheless, it was great to learn some moves to protect myself in case a dangerous situation should arise.

Our next stop was at an old folks home where we joined Grandma Sue in a game of Shuffle Board. Sue was so keen for the occasion that she got all decked out in the most hilarious outfit ever. She combined a million necklaces with a fancy scarf, threw on some leather boots and topped it all off with a priceless toque. She looked phenomenal and I have to say, Shuffle Board is a fantastic game. Grandma Sue's wild personality and contagious excitement made for a thrilling round of Shuffle Board.

Next, we headed to a friend's place for a bit of Rock Band action. What a video game that is. I was able to brush up on my virtual guitar skills and rock out for a brief moment before we were back in the car, heading out for fast food. I was given the opportunity to drive this fun little manual car and believe it or not, this was my first time driving through a fast food drive through, ever. I have, of course, been a passenger for a drive through experience but I have never driven through one.

You must be thinking that this is, by far, the craziest series of events on one date. Well, you are right. Goose Hunt definitely took us out for a chase but it was also in the interest of making a short video of a date. You see, Goose Hunt makes videos for Metro Calgary and this is going to be one of them. A short clip of a date where one is so busy that they want to do everything in as little time as possible. The video will air online this week end! I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gmail Redeems Himself and Stylish Speaks

Day: 24
Dates Remaining: 21

Way back on day one of 50 Dates in 50 Days, I was stood up. The first date of this experience was a total flop. In fact, I didn’t even count that as a date despite the fact that all of my friends said that I should. I was too shocked that someone could have the nerve to not only stand me up but to do so via text message.

Nonetheless, this particular individual who we will call Gmail, proceeded to Gmail chat with me on a regular basis. (This is instant messaging within the Gmail inbox). Though annoying at first, I got used to our regular chats until I began looking forward to them every time I opened my e-mail.

Over the past few weeks, we have filled endless e-mail checking sessions with great conversations about anything and everything. It’s almost as though we knew each other despite the fact that we had never met. That was, until this morning, when we met for the first time over a brilliant early morning coffee. This was by far one of the most interesting first blind dates since we already knew so much about one another.

In fact, it was great because we could avoid all of the useless boring questions such as, “What do you do for work? What sports do you like? What kind of music do you like?” Etc, etc. Gmail and I had already discussed all of that. So, we enjoyed our time together talking about more interesting topics and finally, getting to know each other in person.

And my day only got better when I signed onto my e-mail and had a message waiting for me from Stylish. As I mentioned yesterday, I said that I would have one of my dates write about their experience dating me for 50 Dates in 50 Days. Stylish, being so open-minded and easy-going, happily agreed. To be honest, I really had no idea what he would say about our two dates but I was flattered when he sent me this message today:

My second date with Sky was again, anything but ordinary. Yesterday, I picked her and I had the feeling that she was comfortable with me. Before I knew it, we were laughing, flirting and joking around endlessly. Over dinner, we continuously made fun of each other and the laughter never stopped.

At one point, the topic of dates gone awry came up and she told me the story of some guys who had stuck her with the bill at the restaurant. Unfortunately, I had done that once before when I was 19 because I had forgotten my wallet at home. But since then, I triple-check my pocket before going out to make sure that I have that wallet with me!

Following dinner, we went for tea and dessert. I could tell that Sky is happy deep inside. She has a brilliant mind and is a brave girl who has learned that impossible is rare. I have definitely enjoyed my time with her on my last two dates (oh, I may have expired by now since 2 is the limit!) mainly because Sky allowed me to ‘live’ with her in the ‘present’ time when we were together.

To me, what matters most is what people feel in the moment. Perhaps that’s why whatever we talked about was funny and pleasant in one way or another. Having laughed so hard last night, I had so much difficulty falling asleep. I rolled around in my bed for an hour until I was finally gone! And was it worth it? Absolutely!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stylish Has a Sense of Humour

Day: 23
Dates Remaining: 22

Stylish pulled off another great date and awesome outfit tonight. I wonder why it is so hard for guys to find shoes that match a belt that fits right with a pair of pants that match a shirt. Really, it isn’t rocket science!

Anyway, Stylish took me to a tasty restaurant where we had a fantastic time chatting and telling jokes all evening. Following dinner, we went for tea and the topic of the 50 Dates in 50 Days came up.

I was unsure how Stylish would react to hearing about it but I was moderately confident that he wouldn’t be mad due to his easy-going nature. However, I have to say that I did not expect the reaction that I got.

When I told him about this project he exclaimed, “Holy shit, that is the funniest thing ever, I can’t even believe it! How on earth did you think of this? This is fantastic! You are hilarious. I can’t wait to tell all my friends!”

His positive reaction made the evening even better. He couldn’t stop laughing about it and that sent me into a fit of giggling hysterics. Together, we held our sides and laughed for a while until he asked me a ton of questions about the 50 Dates in 50 Days.

I am happy to say that not only is Stylish a fantastic dresser but he also has a phenomenal sense of humour. In fact, he is so stoked about this that he has agreed to write a little blurb about his experience meeting me at speed dating and then going on a couple of dates with me. I will then post this on here so you can have a male perspective on this dating situation.

In addition to requests from fans to provide some insight from the guys I have gone on dates with, I have been asked what I will do after the 50 days. This is a great question that I have pondered regularly.

First, I will sleep. I will also ride my bike. Then, I will sleep some more. I may watch a movie before going back to sleep. I may wake up to eat but of course, I will go back to sleep. Did I mention sleep? Oh, I can’t wait and neither can my pillow.

Once I emerge from my comatose and recover from sleep deprivation, I will continue writing. I am already working on writing my book, 50 Dates in 50 Days Un-Cut, and I plan on getting it published.

As for this blog, I will keep you updated on my dating antics but I am going to open the floor to you, the fans, to submit your own dating stories. Whether they are hopelessly romantic or total disasters, I would love to hear about them and I’m sure the blog followers would to. Every time I talk to someone about the blog, they burst into a wild dating story of their own. So the floor is yours and you can send in your stories that I will edit and post up here once the 50 days are over. These can be sent to and you can be sure that similar to my stories, they will remain completely anonymous. Can’t wait to hear them!

Monday, May 3, 2010

From Blah Blah Blah to Page Turner

Day: 22
Dates Remaining: 23

I can hardly believe it, I am over the hump. The halfway point has passed and there are twenty three dates remaining. Not that twenty three is a small feat but if I can get through twenty seven, I should be able to do another twenty three, right? Yeah, no problem. I am slightly ahead of schedule but that is because I have to travel for work next week and I’m trying to get out of town for the May long week end where I may not be able to find a date. (But I will try!).

Anyhow, not only did I have two blind dates today but they were also back to back. I had a few minutes between the two to drive from point A to point B and make some quick phone calls on the road. I tell ya, it’s life in the fast lane around here.

So first, I met Blah Blah Blah. This is not the man’s nickname because he talked too much but in fact, it’s because he finished half of his sentences by saying, “blah blah blah.” For example, “I really like ice cream and cookies and blah blah blah.” Or, there was also, “I am so happy to meet someone who is athletic and has freckles and blah blah blah.”

The conversation was exceptionally boring especially since half of it consisted of blah blah blahs. However, even worse than that were the first ten seconds of the date when I walked into the coffee shop and walked over to Blah Blah Blah to greet him. Immediately, he pointed to the coffee bar and said, “Are you going to get yourself a coffee?”

Wow, nice to meet you too, I thought to myself. Also, what was the urgency for me to get myself a coffee when he was the one who wanted to meet me for coffee? Again, here we go with the issue regarding date requesting and treating. Regardless, I would have almost rather drowned myself in coffee than sit there for over an hour listening to Blah Blah Blah.

Then, the goodbye was the final kicker. Blah Blah Blah grabbed me for a hug and pulled me close. My 125lb body didn’t stand much of a chance against his six foot six monstrous frame. Despite the fact that I was trying to pull away he kept his arms around me as he said, “I think you are great and I had a nice time talking to you and blah blah blah.”

Somehow, I managed to duck out of there and drive myself to date number two of the evening where I met someone who heard about me in Metro. This young man was far more interesting than Blah Blah Blah and since he had so many books to talk about, we have to call him Page Turner.

I have to say, I am so impressed by people who have the courage to write to me after hearing about 50 Dates in 50 Days in the newspaper, through friends, from Breakfast Television or from another social or media outlet. In fact, one of the questions that Page Turner asked me was, “What are some similarities you are noticing with all of your dates?”

This really made me think. All of the dates have been so different that thinking of a similarity took a few moments. The first thing I could think of was how brave the guys have to be to put themselves out there and write an e-mail to a complete stranger going on 50 Dates in 50 Days. These guys are also great at picking a date outing which is perfect for avoiding that whole awkward conversation consisting of, “What do you want to do, I don’t know what do you want to do, I don’t know what do you want to?”

Anyway, Page Turner treated me to a great dinner where we chatted about many topics including good books. Being an avid reader and writer, I enjoyed hearing about some good new titles and meeting someone who loves the bookstore as much as I do.

Page Turner was far more exciting and interesting than Blah Blah Blah and I had a good time with him. Nonetheless, in the interest of maintaining a slight degree of mental sanity, I highly recommend that everyone avoid going on two blind dates in one night.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bronc Rider

Day: 21
Dates Remaining: 25

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of a friend e-mailed me to invite me on a date to his family ranch. Unsure of what to expect but excited about this adventure, I eagerly agreed. I'm sure glad I did because it was a fantastic day and by far one of the most unique dates I have ever been on.

Being Alberta, we had to drive through warm sun, a dark rain cloud and a hailstorm before making it out to the ranch. After the drive and a nice tour of the ranch, Bronc Rider saddled up a couple of horses for us to go ride.

Not having ridden a horse in umpteen years, I was slightly nervous to climb on the back of this animal. Nonetheless, I overcame my fear, got on the horse and rode out of the barn area. Before I made it very far, I heard a commotion and turned around to see my date's horse trying to buck him off. It was at that moment that he acquired his name, Bronc Rider.

Being an experienced horse rider, he managed to stay on the horse and regain control of the animal. It was very impressive.

I got a bit of a feel for being on a horse while we rode out towards one of the many fields at the ranch. This was when the date got even better. Not only were we riding horses, but we were also heading out to the field on a mission. This wasn't just any mission but one that required us to find, among hundreds of cows, three particular cows with foot rot and pink eye.

Feeling like a real cowgirl decked out in my cowboy boots, I checked out the cows for pink eye and foot rot (not that I have seen either of these on a cow before). We made our way through the field until we had to go through a river crossing. I thought a river crossing was scary on a mountain bike but being on a horse is a whole notch up on the scale of nerve racking experiences.

My horse wasn't keen on the whole concept of crossing the river so he was taking his sweet time deciding where to cross and how to go about it. My very beginner horse handling skills weren't helping the situation but before I knew it, he decided to cross the river. If only he could have wandered through it. That would have been too easy. He somehow thought it would be brilliant to jump across, nearly sending me flying off his back. My heart skipped about a hundred beats.

It took me a few moments to recover from my near cardiac arrest before I could enjoy the ride again. But suddenly the excitement levels were up again because I found the cow with pink eye! Jackpot!

We tried to force the cow out of one field and into the next but she wanted nothing to do with our plan. Too bad Bronc Rider forgot his rope because it would have been quite a show to see him rope up the cow and drag it back with us. Nonetheless, we found the cow with foot rot and were able to get her into the next field. What an adventure!

Now, you may think that at a ranch everything is hard core and muddy. That's what I thought until I visited this stylish ranch. Not only does this ranch have class but it is also fully equipped with a glorious hot tub. Let me tell you, this place is paradise. Bronc Rider and I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in the hot tub before heading back to the city.

So when you think a date is going fantastic, why not introduce him to a bunch of close friends? There was a bit of a celebration for a friend tonight so I brought Bronc Rider with me for the BBQ.

He fit right in with my friends. It was phenomenal. They loved him. His great sense of humour and witty nature made for a night of good laughs and great company. I couldn't have been happier.

After having such a lousy day yesterday, it was refreshing to meet someone who was so organized, generous and a fantastic date. And really, how many people can say they rounded up cows on horseback on a first date?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stood up, Deer John, Butterflies?

Day: 20
Dates Remaining: 26

I just spent an hour crying like a baby. In fact, we could call it bawling. The type where you can barely breathe. Pathetic, yes. Hopeless, yes. Tired, yes. Exhausted, yes. Hungry, yes. Too much wine, yes. Too many emotions, yes. Alone, yes.

In a matter of sixteen hours I managed to ride a bicycle 75km, write a blog, drink too much coffee, play Bocce ball, catch up with friends, get stood up, drink too much wine, have a nice dinner, have another visit, get crushed and make my way home. Now, as I lie here in bed, I wonder how I do it.

It's almost halfway. Almost.

I was feeling defeated. Heartbroken. Lost. Alone. And then the meltdown occurred. Have you ever had one of those? Those horrible moments where all control is completely lost and shattered? Those times where you just don't know what to do with yourself? Where you lose yourself in a random bathroom in the arms of a complete stranger named Jenny?

Well, that happened tonight.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, I had been invited to be someone's date for a wedding. Let's call this particular dud Cold Feet. He called me up yesterday to invite me as a blind date to his sister's wedding. I was impressed; this guy had courage. He was unique and was up for something out of the ordinary.

I planned my day around the event and was stoked to go to my second wedding ever. I made sure to ride the bike this morning and have enough time to catch up with friends and get all dolled up for the event. I couldn't wait.

I made my way home after a visit with my close friends to put on my dress, straighten my hair, do my make-up and get all ready. About twenty minutes before my date was supposed to pick me up, the phone rang. It was him and the conversation went something like this:

Cold Feet: Hey, have you ever been stood up? Do you have a back-up date?

Me (wondering what was with this guy): Well, yes, I have been stood up and I don't make back-up dates.

Cold Feet: You must have had a date before I called you yesterday.

Me: I have some dates planned far in advance but this wedding was a day by day plan that I'm stoked for.

(Awkward Silence).

Cold Feet: Well I don't think you should come. I'll read your blog and write you an e-mail later. Bye.

Me (Why am I so nice?) : Okay, have fun tonight, bye.

Wow, this is stood up #3. Unreal.

Dressed up and ready to go, I dove into bed. I called some friends. I felt defeated. I was so excited to go to a wedding and that plan was all over.

Some good friends were headed out for a celebration and since it was a dress-up event, I was stoked to go with them. They encouraged me to join a friend of theirs, Deer John, as his date. This friend was cute and nice so I was keen. Anything to forget being stood up again. But just before heading out to the restaurant, Deer John informed me that he had a girlfriend. You would think that minor detail would have come up hours before he agreed to be my date? Honestly.

Disappointed again, I was off to the restaurant. Then, the phone rang. Butterflies (see Butterflies post) was on the line. Though we had been on a date, we spend quite a bit of friend time together as well. Oh, I would have done anything to see Butterflies. Mmmmm. So I invited him for dinner and he agreed to join us.

No longer disappointed and rather excited, I couldn't wait for him to get to the restaurant. He did show up, (I don't know if I could have dealt with being stood up again), but he was distracted and absent. One might say he was off in another world. Perhaps he was just tired and stressed, I have no idea.

Either way, I went to the bathroom. I stood there for a while, staring at the mirror and wondering how life had gotten so wildly out of control. I have no idea why but suddenly I felt like the world was crashing down on me and I couldn't make the feeling go away. I couldn't even bring myself to go back to the dinner table so I continued staring until Jenny, someone I have never met before, bombed through the door and said, "Hey, is everything okay?"

Don't you hate when people ask you that and you are on the verge of losing it? Well, I lost it. She held me tight as tears streamed down my cheeks. "It's going to be okay, you will be fine," she repeated as I cried too hard to utter any words. I tried to tell her everything but that was impossible. She held me until I had the strength to get myself together and head back to my table to devour some dessert and get the hell out of there.

Butterflies drove me home and luckily I made it upstairs before bursting into tears. What on earth is wrong with me? I called Sarah and she reassured me. Then another good friend called and came over for a visit. She cheered me up. I feel better.

I then made my way to bed to check my e-mail and got a message from 5 Seconds (read 5 Seconds post): "I was chatting with a really close colleague of mine about our date when another co-worker from a different department overheard us talking and apparently had been reading your blog since the start and exclaimed, 'WOW, you're 5 seconds?! That's great!' And the people here who are following your blog love your writing, just thought I'd let you know. Keep it up!"

All of a sudden, everything is okay again. All kinds of people are reading my blog and recognizing the stories and that makes me so happy. Now, I'm in bed. It's fantastic, I love my duvet. Alone, yes. Happy, yes. Too many emotions, yes. Tired, yes. Too much wine, yes. Exhausted, yes. Bed time, yes. Good night, yes.

An Australian BBQ

Day: 19
Dates Remaining: 27

There are many good ways to kick off a week end but a BBQ is by far one of my favourites. How can you go wrong with a pile of meat, tasty wine and good company? This is especially true when the good company is a date with a Beautiful Australian complete with the wonderful accent!

I have to say, this was definitely not your typical first date. Before this, I had only spent 7 minutes with Beautiful Australian at a speed dating event. We then exchanged a few e-mails where he suggested that I come to the BBQ.

I showed up and immediately met Beautiful Australian's work partner, his work partner's wife and parents as well as another couple of friends. It is not everyday that you meet someone's close friends on a first date but it was great. I had a good time chatting with everyone while Beautiful Australian was out cooking up a storm.

The dinner was great and I showed off my brilliant co-ordination and balance abilities by walking into the dinner table and knocking over everyone's drinks. The wine, the beer and the water toppled over and landed on the table, the floor and someone's lap. It was priceless; my true moment of glory. Luckily, we all had a good sense of humour and laughed it off.

Shortly after dinner all of the guests left, leaving Beautiful Australian and I with some time to chat and get to know each other. We had great conversation and it turns out we have a lot in common. Overall, it was a great date and a perfect way to start the week end which is only getting better as I was able to get out for a brilliant bike ride this morning. I then have a few friends that I'm stoked to see this afternoon before I get all dressed up for a wedding this evening.

Now, this isn't just any wedding but a blind date wedding. Yes, I don't know the person I'm going with and to top it off, it's his sister's wedding. This is sure to be exciting!