Monday, October 4, 2010

Zombie Date

5 Seconds made it through the first week end of his dating adventure. He is having a great time and still looking forward to the dates to come. In his words, his second date with Bachelorette #1 (See older post about #1) went as follows:

This Bachelorette, who will be known as Mallory, arrived promptly at my place which was perfect as punctuality is a great quality. She brought with her a box of makeup and proceeded to transform me into a zombie.

You may be asking why she would do this? Well, each year hundreds of people dress up as Zombies in a flash mob mentality, gather at a location and shuffle down the street. It was quite amusing to see the looks on people’s faces that were not aware of the event. I can just imagine sitting at a sets of lights when suddenly hundreds of people dressed as Zombies shuffle across the street.

Before getting to the meeting point, we walked the streets all dressed up and certainly scared a few people. It reminded me of the movie Natural Born Killers with Micky and Mallory Knox where we knew something that everyone else didn’t. I know if I saw a couple walking down the street and wasn’t aware of the event I’d certainly think they were a bit strange, but it would be cute that they were doing it together.

After the event we headed back to my place and watched a couple of episodes of CSI before I began cooking us some dinner. We enjoyed our meal, drank some wine and had a lovely conversation. Mallory is certainly an interesting girl. We kissed goodnight, and that makes two great dates in a row. I’m just about to go meet Bachelorette #10 for a full day of fun activities I have planned. Will it be three great dates in a row?

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