Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A little bit about 5 Seconds: First off, what a guy. This man is truly honest, generous and down to earth. Trust me, I have met a lot of men and there aren't many out there like him. He is comfortable with who he is and he sticks to his values. I did already know this but after having the pleasure of spending this evening with him, I am further convinced that he is one of the best catches in Calgary!

And, as you know, he is on a bit of a dating mission. So, in his words, here is a recap of his date from last night:

This good looking young woman was a replacement for Bachelorette # 2. She had e-mailed me on a dating website where we had exchanged a couple of emails. She was aware of what I was doing this month and I asked her to partake in the adventure when Bachelorette # 2 couldn’t reschedule in this month. We went ahead and made plans to meet for a quick coffee since we had not met in person and coffee seems like a safe and easy way to begin getting to know someone.

I arrived and saw her sitting at a table reading a magazine. When she saw me, she smiled so I waved and bought a drink before joining her. We talked for a while but something just seemed off. The conversation was a bit awkward and I felt like I really had to work at it to keep it going. A few years ago, I studied body language when I was studying psychology and I noticed that she kept touching her neck and breaking eye contact which are generally signs of nervousness. I asked her what was wrong and she mentioned that she was a little intimidated by the whole situation. This is evidently fair and I have to say, I greatly respect all of the women who have taken part in this adventure as it takes a lot of courage.

Hoping to make Bubbles a little more comfortable I suggested that we go elsewhere as I stood up and put out my hand. She took it and we headed to my car. I didn’t have any plans at this point since I figured it would just be a coffee date; however, one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is head to the music store and play expensive guitars I can’t afford. So off we went to a music store close by.

She smiled as we pulled up and she mentioned that she is a guitarist. I mentioned I am a bassist and after this she was super talkative which made me smile. It was easy to tell that music was her thing and that she was very comfortable in this area. At this point, she grabbed my hand and took me to the acoustic guitar area and picked up a particularly nice Fender. She played a rendition of Bubbles’ “Liquor and Whores” which was priceless. I was laughing so hard I could barely catch my breath.

We played for a while and I took her to a close by pub for a drink. We continued talking and by then, the conversation was a lot more fun. She was intelligent and humorous; she had me laughing on quite a few occasions. She was also gorgeous. However, I’m not sure what it was, but I just didn’t feel the attraction that I have for a couple of the other women that I have met so far. I openly told her how I felt but suggested that we play music together sometime as friends. She said she would really like that so it looks like I have a new jam buddy.

On another note, Hot Shot and I talked and I told her that I don’t feel that we have any potential. Sometimes everything can be right on paper; gorgeous, successful, confident... The issue for me is that her passion is her work; it’s all she thinks about. I definitely want an ambitious and motivated woman, but not to the point where it would be hard to have fun with her on the week-ends.

In addition, Mallory met someone and they are now dating exclusively which is fantastic! So I started with 10 women and I'm now down to 7. There have been some tough decisions so far as everyone I have met is special in their own way. It is tricky, however, because I only want one special girl so I know there are going to be more difficult decisions along the way.

So far, I’m interested in two of the women that I have met. I have always been very much a one woman sort of guy, even in dating scenarios, so this has all been quite overwhelming. After stressing for awhile trying to figure out who I would choose at this point, the only solution is to just take everything day by day and see what happens. If one of these women is the right girl for me, it will just happen naturally. I shouldn’t stress too much about the outcome yet since I’m not even half way through. I am going to focus on enjoying the experience since it’s certainly a once in a lifetime event.

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