Friday, October 8, 2010

Hot Shot!

Hot Shot struck again with another fabulous date. On our last date, this successful beauty won a bet I made so the deal for this date was that I would pick up the tab. To make me live up to my bet, she decided that I would cook dinner for her best friend and best friend's boyfriend. To top it off, she even had a recipe that she wanted me to cook.

I arrived at her place with a bottle of red and white and was impressed to see she had all the ingredients organized on the counter of her beautiful, lavish kitchen. I was to prepare Jerk Chicken with sweet potatoes and asparagus. I got to work until the buzzer went and the other couple had arrived. Hot Shot's best friend, Smiley, and her boyfriend, Doc, had a lot of nice things to say about me as they mentioned that they had heard a lot about me. I was flattered!

The dinner preparations went off without a hitch as we all enjoyed each others company over wine and good conversation. Dinner also turned out great, and that recipe is one I will certainly have to cook again. We cleaned up before launching into a game of Scrabble. It was easy to tell that Hot Shot could litigate her way out of anything as I had barely heard of many of the words that she laid down on the board. In fact, she beat us so bad that I don't know if all of our scores combined could even beat her high score.

Smiley and Doc left shortly after the game and I offered to help Hot Shot with the dishes. Just as we got the sink filled up with soap,hot shot leaned in as if she was going to kiss me but at the last second, she put soap on my nose! What a tease! But I liked it and it was only natural to turn this situation into a full out soap suds war. We were laughing so hard that I could barely catch my breath. I am so pleased with another great date with Hot Shot!

As for the night prior to that, I was meant to have a date with Bachelorette # 2 but unfortunately she canceled as she was feeling really sick. I didn’t have enough time to reschedule anything so I had a night off and got to work on the piece Blue Eyes helped me with.

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