Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blue Eyes and Some Changes

I thought it was funny when 5 Seconds nicknamed his most recent date Blue Eyes bachelorette #10), because one of my dates had that exact pseudonym. Contrarily to my date with Blue Eyes, 5 Seconds had his best day yet with this lovely lady who seems to have swept him off his feet. In his words, the date went like this:

Before my 30 day quest, I had had one date with Blue Eyes. I left this second date a mystery to Blue Eyes who has earned her nickname for having the most gorgeous, big, beautiful eyes I have seen.

I arrived to pick her up and my heart may have skipped a beat when I saw her come out the front door looking absolutely stunning. One of the first things I noticed when I first met her is how gorgeous she is. To top it off she's also really sweet, adorable and down-to-earth. She mentioned that she had been having a rough day so in hopes of brightening her day, I put my finger under her chin and kissed her. She smiled and mentioned that her day was now looking like it was going to get better.

We drove down to The Clay Ground, a place where you pick out an unfinished clay item and paint it. They then clear glaze the work and fire it in their Kiln to bring it to life. We talked for hours while we painted and when there was a lull in conversation it wasn’t awkward at all. One of my best friends once told me, “When you find someone with whom you can share a silence without it being awkward, you have found someone special.” I guess time will tell if this is true.

I then had an art idea that I was hoping Blue Eyes would help me complete. For this photo, a couple is standing under a tree on a foreign planet. They are deeply in love, and standing hand in hand looking at each other. They are in their favourite “spot” together. This particular planet will only get a couple of hours of direct sunlight daily so the plants need to store the sunlight in phosphorescent material, a form of photoluminescence that emits the light over-time so the plants can survive in the long periods of darkness. The scene will be lit by these phosphorescent plants and the large tree the couple is standing under. Behind the couple and the tree, will be a large waterfall. The refracting light from the photoluminescence plants and floating seeding will create a brilliant and colourful rainbow effect, while the crashing water below will create bellowing mist. The particular location I took Blue Eyes to was chosen because of it’s proximity to a river and a perpendicular stream running into the river. This is going to be a challenging piece to create but I hope to have a unique piece Blue Eyes could be a part of.

It was a bit of a stroll to get to the location, but we enjoyed the gorgeous fall day. We arrived on location and I pulled out the camera, took some test shots, adjusted my exposure and setup a remote timer. I rushed over to get in the shot, and took Blue Eyes hands as she looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes. It was impossible for me not to smile. Blue Eyes held her position perfectly and the auto focus worked like a charm, producing a great shot.

I packed up the camera gear, held out my hand and she took it as we walked back to my car. We headed to my place, where we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, a home cooked meal and then cuddled up to watch Lucky You. It was then getting late so I took Blue Eyes home.

We arrived at her house and kissed for a while before we called it a night. At the same time I said “Sweet Dreams” she said “Drive Safe” which shows just one of the cute similarities in our personality. Thinking about Blue Eyes on my drive home made me miss my turn off the highway. This 9 hour second date was fantastic and there wasn’t a moment I didn’t enjoy spending with Blue Eyes.

I continue to get asked countless times what will happen if I meet someone special right away? I might have already, but it’s too early to tell this quick in any normal dating scenario and this one. I don’t believe in love at first site, that’s impossible to me. Love is something that is found over time. You need to know the person’s strengths but more importantly their weaknesses and love and accept those as well before you can truly love someone. The only thing I can tell in the early stages is that I’m interested, and willing to see where things go. At this point Blue Eyes has certainly captured my attention. She texts me just to wish me a good day at work and see how my day is going; it’s these little things that count the most to me. Things like this make me smile ear to ear.

There have been a couple changes as Bachelorette # 9 has decided to take things a little more seriously with someone she was seeing and doesn’t want to jeopardize that potential so she put me in touch with her best friend. So meet the new Bachelorette # 9 - Going off a recommendation, I was interested in meeting this woman. She has a passion for life and art; I have seen her work and it’s quite impressive. She’s an outdoor education teacher who told me that she’ll buy me a yellow Ferrari when we meet. I enjoy her sarcastic sense of humour and certainly look forward to my new ride. Giallo Modena!

Also another Bachelorette pulled out, so I found someone else who was interested. Meet Bachelorette # 11 - She contacted me online and after reading her profile and getting to know her a bit, she sounds like an interesting woman. She’s the owner of a successful massage therapy company which she is very passionate about. She loved the dating experiment and has given me some great advice on how to approach everything as I was open with her on how confusing everything is so far for me. “…tune into their good points and bad to help you make that final decision. But the key is to have fun and it will all work out in the end! Always does.”

So it sounds like things may be rather overwhelming for 5 Seconds. That is inevitable as dating numerous people at once is confusing and quite the emotional roller-coaster. However, knowing this young man, he will stay strong and that will enable him to make the right choice.

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